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The Liv Domus Lounge, with its characteristic presence and distinct design, emerges as an icon that transcends the simplicity of the shelter. Every detail of its architecture is carefully crafted to provide not just a living space, but an unparalleled experience.

The architecture embraces harmony with the surrounding environment. With natural materials such as wood and stone and a design that blends into the landscape, these structures not only provide shelter but also become an organic part of the landscape. Large windows and open spaces connect the interior to the exterior, creating a fusion between comfort and nature.

The internal layout, characterized by fluidity between spaces, promotes a feeling of freedom and connectivity.

Additionally, technology is integrated discreetly to enhance the bungalow living experience. Smart home automation systems, renewable energy and eco-friendly solutions ensure that these homes are aligned with the principles of sustainability.

Location: Cotia | SP

Client: Reserva do Mirante

Size: 108 m2